Zildjian ZHT 16 China Cymbal

Zildjian ZHT 16 China Cymbal
The ZHT 16″ China by Zildjian one of the worlds leading cymbal manufacturers produces sharp and explosive “China” sounds with some bright and trashy tones.

Amped up alloy. Our most expressive Sheet Bronze cymbals yet. ZHT breaks down the barriers of conventional sheet cymbals. A higher tin content ultra-modern crafting techniques and extensive hammering have created a more musical metal than previously found in a Sheet Bronze cymbal. Features/Specifications: Size: 16″ / 40.64cm Weight: Thin Finish: Traditional Finish Bell Size: Small Profile: Medium-High Pitch: Mid To High Sound: Bright/Mid Volume: Loud Balance: Cut Sustain: Short Skill Level: Advanced Beginner Intermediate Genre: Alternative Country Fusion Hard Rock Hip Hop Jazz Latin Metal Other Percussion Pop Punk R&B Rock World Zildjian Drums-and-Percussion 8X2

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Zildjian ZHT 16 China Cymbal

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