Zildjian ZBT E2P Expander 2 Cymbal Pack

Zildjian ZBT E2P Expander 2 Cymbal Pack
The ZBT E2P Expander Set features a bright intense sound that cuts through the mix and adds two additional sounds to your existing Set-Up. This pack includes an 18 ZBT Crash and an 18 ZBT China and is a great bolt on to your existing Cymbal Set-Up.

Features/Specifications Category: ZBT Type: Box Sets Size: 18 / 45.72cm Weight: Medium Thin – Crash / Thin – China Finish: Traditional Finish Bell Size: Large – Crash / Small – China Profile: Medium-High Pitch: Mid Sound: Bright/Mid Volume: Loud Balance: Blend – Crash / Cut – China Sustain: Long – Crash / Short – China Skill Level: Beginner Intermediate Advanced Professional Zildjian Drums-and-Percussion 21K

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Zildjian ZBT E2P Expander 2 Cymbal Pack

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