Zildjian L80 Low Volume 348 Cymbal Box Set

Zildjian L80 Low Volume 348 Cymbal Box Set
The Zildjian L80 Low Volume Set is the latest installment from Zildjian – providing a solution to the use of neoprene pads mutes and other dampening devices for cymbals that allow you to practice at a reasonable volume. How are you to actually know what you sound like when you cant hear or feel it? Through tireless research and development a specialized pattern was achieved to provide the best of both worlds; musical sound and lower volume. This unique new playing experience from Zildjian delivers a quieter sound thats ideal for practice without losing the authentic feel of a Zildjian Cymbal.

This innovative pattern that the L80 Set features is combined with a special proprietary alloy and an unique matt finish that enables the Low Volume Cymbal to have fewer high frequencies. During the research and development Zildjian used a sound level meter to the decibel levels of a traditional Zildjian cymbal with the new L80 cymbal both played with consistent power. The results established that these new cymbals were up to 80 quieter than the traditional equivalent. Box Contents 13 L80 Low Volume Hi-Hat Pair 14 L80 Low Volume Crash 18 L80 Low Volume Crash Ride Features Sounds and responds like a real acoustic cymbal Up to 80% less volume than traditional cymbals Play with any stick mallet or technique Perfect for home practise and low volume rehearsals Specifications Series: Low Volume L80 Hi-Hats: 1 x 13 Inch (Pair) Crash: 1 x 14 Inch Crash/Ride: 1 x 18 Inch Zildjian Drums-and-Percussion 1CJX

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Zildjian L80 Low Volume 348 Cymbal Box Set

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