Zildjian K Custom 19″ Hybrid Crash

Zildjian K Custom 19
The Zildjian K Custom 19 Hybrid Crash cymbal was developed in conjunction with leading drum stylist Akira Jimbo. It features an innovative brilliant/traditional finish that produces different tones depending where the cymbal is played for a musical darkness with brilliance combination.

The inner half features the unlathed brilliant finish of the K Custom Ride whilst the outer half features the traditionally lathed finish of Zildjian K Series cymbals. The unlathed section helps control the wash and sustain making it ideal for recording and live situations. The relatively thin design of the crash results in a very responsive quality. It open up quickly but still has the ability to project loudly and cut into dense mixes due to the unlathed bell. “Maximum versatility is the main idea with the Hybrid series. I worked with Zildjian to design a line of cymbals where brilliance and darkness coexist. I think the sound we came up with sets the new standard for the 21st Century.” Akira Jimbo Features/Specifications: Size: 19 IN. / 48.26 CM. Weight: Thin Finish: Traditional Finish Outer Half Brilliant Finish Inner Half Bell Size: Large Profile: Medium Pitch: Low To Mid Sound: Dark Volume: Project Balance: Blend Sustain: Long Skill Level: Advanced Beginner Intermediate Professional Genre(s): Alternative Country Fusion Hard Rock Hip Hop Jazz Latin Metal Other Percussion Pop Punk Rock World Zildjian Drums-and-Percussion I2G

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Zildjian K Custom 19″ Hybrid Crash


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