Zildjian FX 12 Spiral Stacker

Zildjian FX 12 Spiral Stacker
The Zildjian FX Spiral stackers are cymbal stackers that allow you to create your own unique sounds and colours. Simply stack one on top of any cymbal (same size or larger) to find the cymbal stack combination that fits your one of a kind style.

Zildjian stacker Cymbals are a really unique and innovative addition to your kit. The FX line is already known for innovative effects and accent tones and these spiral stackers are no exception. These paper thin spirals can be stacked onto any other cymbal from splashes to chinas to chrashes or Gen 16 cymbals – even broken cymbals just sitting around! They are a versatile and affordable entry into the world of stacking and add a cool looking feature to any kit. Specifications Category: FX Series SKU: FXSPL12 Type: Percussion Size: 12 In. / 30.48 cm. Weight: Paper Thin Finish: Traditional Finish Bell Size: Small Profile: Medium-High Pitch: High Sound: Bright Volume: General Balance: Cut Sustain: Short Skill Level: Advanced Beginner Intermediate Professional Zildjian Drums-and-Percussion 16QD

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Zildjian FX 12 Spiral Stacker

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