Zildjian A Custom 18 EFX Cymbal

Zildjian A Custom 18 EFX Cymbal
The Zildjian A Custom 18 EFX cymbal is a special effects Crash cymbal and has a unique set of laser generated “cut outs” that allow it to produce a quick dry and trashy sound used for accenting and punctuating. The brilliant finish makes this “must have” shimmer like any A Custom.

Features/Specifications: Size: 18″ / 45.72cm Weight: Paper Thin Finish: Brilliant Finish Bell Size: Medium Profile: Medium-Low Pitch: Mid Sound: Bright/Mid Volume: Loud Balance: Cut Sustain: Short Skill Level: Advanced Beginner Intermediate Professional Genre(s): Alternative Country Fusion Hard Rock Hip Hop Jazz Latin Metal Other Percussion Pop Punk Rock World Zildjian Drums-and-Percussion ID1

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Zildjian A Custom 18 EFX Cymbal

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