Yamaha YTR8335 Xeno Professional Trumpet

Yamaha YTR8335 Xeno Professional Trumpet
The Yamaha YTR8335 Professional Xeno Trumpet with medium large bore and a yellow brass bell offers the discerning player a new design of instrument which is full of character and tone. A new bell design gives plenty of resistance to the instrument and gives a powerful tonal core whilst also improving the trumpets upper register. Also included with this instrument is a superb hard case and a mouthpiece.

New Bell Design The 4th generation of the Xeno trumpet features a important to the way the instrument is made in order to make the instrument as great to play as possible. A new bell design with a new taper creates perfect resistance through the instrument making it easier on higher registers and also gives it a powerful tonal core. New Valve Case Design The case for the valves has been completely overhauled in order to create a new airflow through the pistons and also to create a lighter block. A reduced wall thickness combined with a lighter piston makes the response easier and less tiring for the performer. The knuckles have been readdressed meaning the piping bends in to the block are at a 90 degree angle. This increases resistance when blowing down the instrument and in turn creates a brighter tone. Plenty of Accessories The Yamaha Xeno trumpet doesnt just come on its own with it are a host of accessories to make owning this trumpet perfect. Included is a double trumpet case which can either hold two trumpets or can hold the Xeno trumpet and mutes. As well as that it includes a shoulder strap and backpack straps suitable for transporting around. As well as that slide stoppers have been added to prevent the 1st and 3rd valve slides from falling off the instrument during performances. A Yamaha 16C4 mouthpiece has also been added to let the performer start playing straight away. Please note that this instrument is available in other finishes by request. For more info contact our Orchestral Instruments Specialist on 0843 155 0800. Features/Specifications Bell Diameter: 123mm (4-7/8″) Bore Size: ML 11.65mm (0.459″) Body Material: Yellow Brass Body Finish: Clear Lacquer Weight: Heavy Included Accessories Case: Yamaha TRC-800E Hard Case Mouthpiece: Yamaha TR16C4 Yamaha Woodwind-Brass-Strings ZQH

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Yamaha YTR8335 Xeno Professional Trumpet

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