Yamaha YCR2610SIII Student Soprano Cornet Silver

Yamaha YCR2610SIII Student Soprano Cornet Silver
Yamaha have developed an instrument that is perfect for beginners looking to play on a fine quality soprano cornet. The new medium-large bore size on the Silver Plated YCR-2610II with a shepherds crook bell helps the beginner develop a correct and appropriate technique. Benefiting from a two-piece gold brass bell this cornet has the ideal thickness bell and a round lead-pipe for improved sound and playability.

New Design With the redesigned valve system the pistons themselves have been constructed from a durable monel alloy which is not only strong but is maximizes sound quality as well. The bottom caps and the have been replanned and implemented to give a longer life to the instrument and to help create a deeper tone. The 2nd and main tunings slides have been designed and produced using a craftsmanship that is normally only common on the professional standard of instruments. This produces unmatched control and projection through the instrument. Gold Brass Bell Unlike the other Yamaha student models this YCR-4330GII cornet has a gold brass bell. Gold brass which is softer and more red due the extra copper content results in a warmer tone. This is desirable for many cornet players who are concentrating on producing a clean and attractive tone either in orchestras or brass bands. For more info on the new Yamaha Student Range view the video below featuring cornet virtuoso and conductor Philip McCann Leadpipe Through To Bell The Yamaha cornets medium large bore allows for a smooth and easy blowing instrument that gives a light response for the performer. It also gives the correct amount of resistance through the instrument meaning its easy to put plenty of air through the instrument without needing a huge lung capacity to fill the instrument. The durable yet light two piece yellow brass bell gives perfect playability and promotes good technique and endurance. Everything You Need The Yamaha cornet doesnt just come on its own. Included with this bundle is a hard carry case with carry handle which makes the transporting and storage of the instrument both secure and easy. The instrument also comes with a mouthpiece as standard along with valve oil and a polishing cloth. This makes the instrument playable straight out of the box! Features / Specifications: Ideal bell thickness Two-piece yellow brass bell Monel alloy pistons New valve caps and buttons Adjustable 3rd slide trigger Mouthpiece: CR7D4d Case: CRC-2610II Yamaha Woodwind-Brass-Strings J1S

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Yamaha YCR2610SIII Student Soprano Cornet Silver

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