Yamaha YAH803S Neo Tenor Horn Silver

Yamaha YAH803S Neo Tenor Horn Silver
The Neo Series of Tenor Horn includes a revolutionary design. Every facet of the instrument has been considered revised and refined to perfection. And youll hear the difference. New levels of power and projection combine with a warmth and depth that make a tenor horn that sets it as one of the best quality Tenor Horns on the market.

New Bell Design The new YAH-803 features a one-piece silver plated bell. With a diameter 5mm larger than that of the YAH-602 the new horns dynamic range is increased noticeably. The bigger bell also gives a warmer and darker tone which is suitable for brass bands and brass ensembles alike. Robust Valve Casing The Yamaha Neo Tenor Horns valve casing benefits from a new heavier design. The sound becomes more rich and powerful from the additional weight. Improved Tuning Slide Additional improvements to sound pitch dynamic range and playability have been achieved with the development of a wider newly tapered tuning slide. The horn is now effortlessly playable even at extreme dynamics For more information on The Yamaha Neo Range of instruments please see the video below presented by Professor David King. Features/Specifications: Finish: Silver Plated Number of Valves: 3 pistons Bell Size: 210mm (8.071″) Bore Size: 11.9mm (0.469″) Material: Brass Key: Eb Included Accessories Included Mouthpiece: 38D4 (small inner diameter shallow cup) Case: Moulded Neo Hard Case Yamaha Woodwind-Brass-Strings JSI

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Yamaha YAH803S Neo Tenor Horn Silver

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