Yamaha V7SG Intermediate Violin 1/4 Size

Yamaha V7SG Intermediate Violin 1/4 Size
The Yamaha V5SG 1/4 size violin is a fantastic step up instruments for advancing younger players. Made of a solid maple and spruce body fitted with ebony components Aubert bridge and Wittner pieces this violin is a super quality instrument and great value for money. Included is a fitted case Brazilwood bow and Schwarz rosin allowing you to get playing straight away.

Solid Wood Construction and Aubert Bridge The Yamaha Stradivarius influenced step up violin is made from solid woods featuring a spruce and maple construction which gives a much more rich and resonant sound in comparison to many other student model instruments. Built on to this handcrafted body are fittings and parts of high quality. An ebony fingerboard gives the performer a hard wood on which to play which is also resistant to moisture. The pegs and chinrest have been upgraded to ebony that increases the life expectancy of the instrument. Another upgrade from the beginner violins is the inclusion of an Aubert bridge which gives a high quality resonance from the strings through to the body. Wittner Components and Daddario Strings The Yamaha V7SG comes with high quality components that you would expect from a much higher value instrument. The tailpiece and fine tuners have been made by Wittner who make top class components for string instruments. As well as this top quality Daddario Helicore strings have been added to the instrument to create a brilliant sound straight out of the box. Superior Accessories Yamaha have made this violin in to a package so that you have everything you need to get going as soon as the instrument arrives. Included is a Brazilwood bow along with top quality Schwarz rosin allowing the violin to be played straight out of the box. The quality of the accessories improves upon the already fantastic tone of the instrument aiding musical performances right away. For storing and transporting the violin to rehearsals and concerts the instrument comes with a shaped hard case that can carry everything you need to your venues. Specifications Body Type: Stradivarius Body: Maple Top: Spruce Size: 1/4 Finish: Fully Hand Brushed Varnish: Oil Varnished Shading Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Ebony Parts Bridge: Aubert Style Tuning Pegs: Ebony Tailpiece: Witter “Ultra” (4 Fine Tuners) Chin Rest: Ebony Strings: DAddario Helicore Fine Tuner: 4 for Each Strings Accessories Bow: Brazilwood Case: Oblong Hardcase Rosin: Schwarz Yamaha Woodwind-Brass-Strings 19F2

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Yamaha V7SG Intermediate Violin 1/4 Size

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