Yamaha SV150 Silent Violin Brown – Nearly New

Yamaha SV150 Silent Violin Brown - Nearly New
The Yamaha SV150 silent violin in brown offers the violinist a performance tool of some of the highest standards. Featuring a 500g lightweight body and an outboard performance unit the SV150 is suitable for those used to acoustic instruments and who want to practise in silence or perform on stage. Featuring 24 effects and play-along features there is so many performance scenarios that this violin unlocks for the creative musician.Please note this item was returned unwanted from a customer. The original boxing is scuffed and all the seals are broken.Otherwise the unit itself looks and operates as new and has only been used a couple of times. This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price supplied with a one year warranty.

Separate Control Box The SV150 concentrates on the silent violin being a lightweight and easy to use with its separate control box. In the same way that you would use a guitar pedal board the silent violin uses a pedal which lightens the weight to that of a standard violin; less than 500g! The control box operates all the performance tools you need including 24 stunning effects ranging from delays and reverbs through to distortion and modulations. As well as that there is an inbuilt tuner and metronome so your case isn?t cluttered with extra bits and pieces. Acoustic Properties Despite being an electronic instrument the SV150 violin also offers a set of acoustic properties that give it the rich and warm sound. A spruce body combined with an ebony fingerboard and maple neck provide that great link between acoustic and electric properties. Fitted with an Aubert bridge the sound is transferred from the Daddario helicore strings to the body via a quality maple bridge that creates an organic sounding instrument. Integrated Digital Audio Player The silent violin also comes with capabilities to play along to all your favourite MP3 AAC WaV or MIDI files via the SD card provided. Simply plug it and play along. Suitable for practising those tricky ensemble parts or simply playing along to your favourite tracks the inbuilt technology means you don?t need any other cumbersome technology. Features/Specifications: Dimensions: Width: 206mm Height: 589mm Depth: 116mm Body Size: 4/4 Body: Spruce Side/Frame: Plastic Neck: Maple Finger Board: Ebony Parts: Bridge: Maple (Aubert) Tuning Pegs: Ebony Tailpiece: Wittner Ultra Chin Rest: Plastic Strings: DAddario Helicore Design/Architecture Detail: Pick Up System: Piezo Pickup Functions: Master Volume: Yes Other Control: Mode (Player Sound Tuner Metronome) Volume/mute Hold Storage and Connectivity: LINE OUT: Yes PHONE OUT: Yes Power Supply: Power Supply: AA size 1.5V battery 2pcs. or AC adapter (optional) Battery Life: Manganese: maximum 2 hrs. Alkaline: maximum 10.5 hrs. Accessories: Battery: AA size 1.5V battery 2pcs. Earphone: Yes Cable: Audio Cable Others: Control Box SD card Music Book Yamaha Woodwind-Brass-Strings 1G6F

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Yamaha SV150 Silent Violin Brown – Nearly New

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