Yamaha SV130 Silent Violin Black

Yamaha SV130 Silent Violin Black
The Yamaha SV130 Silent Violin in Black offers performers a wide spectrum of performances. Whether wanting to practise extremely quietly without disturbing neighbours or using the instrument on stage using the inbuilt pre-amp this violin will offer a top quality instrument with a fantastic and rich sound. As well as this the spruce body combined with ebony fingerboard and Aubert bridge give the violin its beautiful sound.

Silent Violin This is the model for the player who wants the most out of their violin but without needing to create an excessive amount of noise. An original Yamaha chip supplies rich spacious reverb that effectively simulates a stage environment for the player and listeners. The technology invested in the SV130 allows you to adjust the reverb for different sized rooms. There are three settings: Large Hall Medium Hall and Room. Connectivity Playing along with your favourite recordings can be inspiring great practice and just plain fun. The SV130 makes play-along practice easy with a line input jack and independent level control. As well as this there is an output jack which allows you to plug the violin in to an amp or PA with ease. Acoustic Properties Despite being an electronic instrument the SV130 violin also offers a set of acoustic properties that give it the rich and warm sound. A spruce body combined with an ebony fingerboard and maple neck provide that great link between acoustic and electric properties. Fitted with an Aubert bridge the sound is transferred from the strings to the body via a quality maple bridge that creates an organic sounding instrument. Features/Specifications: Dimensions: Width: 195mm Height: 587mm Depth: 110mm Body: Size: 4/4 Body: Spruce Side/Frame: Plastic Neck: Maple Finger Board: Ebony Parts: Bridge: Maple (Aubert) Tuning Pegs: Ebony & Rosin Hybrid Tailpiece: Plastic Chin Rest: Plastic Strings: Kessler steel core (Japanese) Fine Tuner: 1 (E-string) Design/Architecture Detail: Pick Up System: Piezo Pickup Functions: Master Volume: Yes Reverb: Room / Hall 1 / Hall 2 Connectivity: AUX IN: Yes LINE OUT: Yes PHONE OUT :Yes Power Supply: Power Supply: AA size 1.5V battery 2pcs. or AC adapter (optional) Battery Life Manganese: approx. 4 to 20 hrs. Alkaline: approx. 12 to 60 hrs. Accessories: Battery: AA size 1.5V battery 2pcs. Earphone: Yes Shoulder Rest: Yes Cable: Audio Cable Yamaha Woodwind-Brass-Strings G0H

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Yamaha SV130 Silent Violin Black

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