Yamaha HS8 Active Studio Monitor

Yamaha HS8 Active Studio Monitor
The Yamaha HS8 active nearfield studio monitor has a 8″ cone woofer and a highly-efficient 1″ dome tweeter for an extended high frequency range up to 30kHz. It is designed to ensure that the sound is true to the original with a high resolution and flat response to achieve the best possible mix.

As the successor to the highly acclaimed Yamaha HS80 studio monitors the HS8 features newly developed transducers with an advanced magnetic field design that regulates the flow of magnetic response for seamless natural sonic transitions. The dome tweeter utilises a thick wave guide to minimise vibration and deliver smooth distortion-free high end while the ultra-responsive woofer produces low distortion sound with a well-defined bottom end. The monitor has been designed to eliminate unwanted noise with a dense resilient MDF enclosure with three-way mitred-joint corners to remove resonance and a speaker port design that reduces audible noise up to 6dB allowing the monitor to meet the demands of professional production environments. The HS8 has two response controls to allow it to adapt to the surface acoustics of rooms of varying shape and size. Room Control attenuates the exaggerated low-end that comes from placing speakers next to walls and High Trim allows for more flexible control of high frequency response. Features/Specifications: System Type: 2-Way Bi-Amp Powered Studio Monitor Frequency Response (-10dB): 38Hz – 30kHz Crossover Frequency: 2kHz Transducers: LF 8″ Cone HF 1″ Dome Output Power: 120W (75W LF + 45W HF) Input Sensitivity / Impedance: -10dBu / 10k Ohms Input Connectors (Parallel): XLR3-31 type (Balanced) PHONE (Balanced) Controls: LEVEL Control (+4dB / Centre Click) HIGH TRIM Switch (+/-2dB at HF) ROOM CONTROL Switch (0/-2/-4dB under 500Hz) Power Indicator: White LED Power Consumption: 60W Enclosure: Bass-Reflex Type MDF Yamaha Recording-and-Computers QT5

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Yamaha HS8 Active Studio Monitor

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