Yamaha DFP9500D Direct Drive Double Kick Pedal

Yamaha DFP9500D Direct Drive Double Kick Pedal
Double foot pedal version of FP9500D with new design spike on slave pedal. Features single bolt with bolt holding plate on Universal joint. These new foot pedal models will provide simple easy and stable setting with comfortable playability to meet all kinds of music style.

The frame of the pedal is designed to be uncluttered and ergonomic whilst giving the right amount of set up options. These include a new spring tension adjuster with a clever self lock feature a simple angle adjuster for the Beater Footboard adjuster and a simple hoop clamp mechanism. All the adjustments can be made using a drum key. All the pedals come with a light but protective carrying case which has enough room to also fit the pedal accessories safely and securely. The new 9500 series pedals are available as a Single Pedal or Double pedal and either a double chain version or a direct drive version for 2 distinctly different feels. Both pedals feature a new beater design which offers a choice between felt and plastic surfaces whilst they also feature a new narrow under plate to allow for easier set up especially when placing the slave unit on a double pedal next to hi hat stands. Beater Shaft Locker The teardrop shaped shaft hole holds the shaft securely. The shafts flat surface keeps the 2-way beater from swiveling while playing. Beater Angle Adjustment Loosening the adjustment screw lets you freely adjust the beater angle along with the footboard angle. Spring Tension Adjustment with Self Lock One hand spring tension adjustment is easy. A lock bolt secures the setting to prevent loosening during play. Simple Hoop Clamp Mechanism A wing bolt firmly tightens the clamp for secure attachment. It also allows the clamp to accommodate different hoop thicknesses. Spring Roller with Built-in Bearings Precision bearings deliver smooth natural pedal action. Narrower Underplate For easy set up. Footboard Angle Adjustment For convenience Semi-Hard Case Light but protective carrying case which has enough room to fit all the pedal accessories safely and securely. Features / Specifications: Yamaha Base Plate: Yes Yamahas Flame Design: Yes BD Hoop Clamp System: Yes Footboard Angle Adjustment: Yes Patternless Footboard: Yes Long Footboard: No Tear Drop Beater Shaft Rocker: Yes Beater Angle Adjustment: Yes Spring Roller with Bearings: Yes Spring Tension Adjustment Lock System: Yes 2 way Beater: Yes Semi-Hard Case: Yes Yamaha Drums-and-Percussion G28

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Yamaha DFP9500D Direct Drive Double Kick Pedal

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