Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano with Free Soft Case and Z Frame Stand

Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano with Free Soft Case and Z Frame Stand
The Yamaha CP40 STAGE features amazingly realistic piano sounds in an incredibly compact package that feels great to play. This bundle also includes a Deluxe Gear4music soft case and Z frame. The soft case will protect your instrument and has handles for easy transportation. Perfect for the Yamaha SP4 Stage or CP40 Stage Piano.

The sounds heard in the CP40 Stage come from Yamahas Premium Grand Pianos. One of the largest acoustic piano manufacturers in the world Yamaha have access to a huge selection of sounds and have brought them to the Premium GP CP40 Stage. The handpicked sounds include samples from the CFX and CFIIIS full concert grand pianos. Both have exquisite tone that extends across the whole dynamic range. A bright full and resonant sound with an authoritative bass the CP40 is perfectly suited to an ensemble performance. The S6 samples offer a warmer more delicate sound with a subtle depth ideal for accompanying vocals or quiet ballads. Its not just Yamahas celebrated acoustic piano sounds that are included on the CP4. There are many Vintage Electric Piano voices too enhanced by Yamahas Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology. The CP80 is an electric grand piano in the truest sense winning over professional players with its pronounced attack and unique harmonic overtones converting authentic grand piano action into an electrical signal. Other vintage electric pianos include the DX7 part of Yamahas DX Series. The DXs were Yamahas first digital synthesizers with an impressive variety of sounds that quickly found homes in many different musical scenes. The RDI and RDII will take you back to the 70s the moment you play whether youre performing a classic ballad jazz standard or after the percussive attack heard in many rock classics of that era and the Wr a pioneering electric piano offers everything from thick powerful tone of early electric pianos to a brighter clarity found in later models. All the voices in the CP4 accurately reproduce the playing characteristics of the originals and adapt to the strength of your playing. A lighter touch will result in a more delicate tone and heavier playing will present a thicker sound. Easy to Use Its not difficult to access all of the sounds on the CP4. The simple intuitive interface gives you instant access to all the controls that you need. Call up sounds quickly and easily and store your favourites by category for quick recall during a performance. Layer and split can be activated with a single touch. Easy to see even on the darkest stages the buttons are large and lit. The Main Solo button lets you go back to playing piano across the entire keyboard with the touch of a button. Perfect Piano Feel Graded Hammer key action gives you the perfect piano touch and response. The 88 CP40 keys give you a similar feel to a grand piano. Portable Stylish Design The slim design of the CP40 makes it easy to transport. Its incredibly light at less than 18kg and combines portability with an elegant style in a professional package. Features / Specifications Number of Keys: 88 Key type: Graded Hammer Action Tone Generating Technology: SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) + AWM2 Polyphony: 128 Number of Voices: 297(CF:15 Rd:3 Wr:6 CP80:8 DX:18 Clav Organ:49 Strings Choir PAD:67 Others:117 Others(Drum):14) Effects: Reverb: 11 types Chorus: 9 types (46 presets) Master Compressor: 1 type (7 presets) Master EQ: 3 bands Insertion Effect: 62 types (226 presets) × 2 Parts Performances: User: 128. Performances 65 to 128 are identical copies of Performances 1 to 64. Parts: 2 Connectivity: Line Out: UNBALANCED [L/MONO] and [R] OUTPUT jacks (standard mono-phone) Headphones: [PHONES] jack (stereo-phone) Foot Switch: [SUSTAIN] and [ASSIGNABLE] FOOT SWITCH jacks Foot Controller: 1 jack MIDI: [IN] and [OUT] MIDI terminals USB: [TO HOST] and [TO DEVICE] USB terminals Dimensions Width: 1332 mm Height: 163 mm Depth: 352 mm Weight: 16.3 kg Controllers: Pitch bend wheel Modulation wheel Part slider × 2 [MASTER VOLUME] dial Data Dial MASTER EQUALIZER slider × 3 Display: 40 characters × 2 lines Character LCD with back-light Power consumption: 8W Includes: AC adaptor (PA-150 or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha) FC3 foot pedal Owners Manual Online Manual CD-ROM (containing Reference Manual Synthesizer Parameter Manual and Data List) Yamaha Keyboards-and-Pianos 11YD

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Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano with Free Soft Case and Z Frame Stand

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