Vox NT15H-G2 Night Train 15W Guitar Amp Head – Nearly New

Vox NT15H-G2 Night Train 15W Guitar Amp Head - Nearly New
The Vox NT15H-G2 15W guitar amp head has the distinctive black metallic mirror finish and full tube sound you expect from the Night Train series with two channels for classic Vox sounds and modern tones to boot. The suitcase-type handle adds a final touch. Please note this item was returned unwanted from a customer. The original boxing is scuffed and all the seals are broken. Otherwise the unit itself looks and operates as new and has only been used a couple of times.

The NT15H-G2 preamp section contains three 12AX7 tubes while the power amp boasts two EL84 tubes ensuring you get the traditional Vox sound with awesome power. The amp has two channels with differing tonal character: GIRTH and BRIGHT. The GIRTH channel offers powerful modern high-gain sound perfect for those seeking an even heavier sound while the BRIGHT channel gives you Voxs distinctive clean/crunch sound and also offers THICK mode that bypasses the tone control circuit and boosts the gain. This gives you a thicker tone for a rich variety of character. Send and return jacks are included to allow you to connect an external effect unit to the amp for more originality. It wont impair the potential of the NT15H-G2 so you can dramatically expand your sound-shaping possibilities. Even without an external unit the amp already offers a high-quality reverb effect. Features/Specifications: 15W guitar amp head 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes 2 x EL84 power amp tubes Two-channel BRIGHT/GIRTH design THICK switch for extra gain boost on the BRIGHT channel Send/return jacks for external effects unit High-quality reverb built in Black metallic mirror finish with suitcase-type handle Vox Guitar-and-Bass 1BWP

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Vox NT15H-G2 Night Train 15W Guitar Amp Head – Nearly New

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