Vandoren CM307 Traditional B40 Clarinet Mouthpiece

Vandoren CM307 Traditional B40 Clarinet Mouthpiece
The Traditional B40 Mouthpiece is a widely used mouthpiece that is sought after by both students and professionals. Its traditional design but unique style make it a great blowing mouthpiece with accurate intonation and articulation

Traditional Style The beak on the CM307 Mouthpiece is of a traditional design meaning that the taper of the mouthpiece happens closer to the edge of the mouthpiece and at a greater angle. This has been a tried and tested method of mouthpiece design for many years and is a popular style chosen by many of the great artists. B40 Design The B40 mouthpiece has a design which is very similar to the standard B45 which is Vandorens best selling mouthpiece. The B40 however has a slightly wider tip rail which gives it a great compact and centered sound. This means that the clarinetist has a wide spectrum of colours and timbres available as well as excellent projection and response. The mouthpiece has been designed to use softer reeds without sacrificing the sound quality of a stronger reed. For more information on Vandoren Clarinet Mouthpieces please find the PDF below. Cant find that specific mouthpiece online? Please contact us for more information. Features/Specifications Tip Opening: 1.195mm Facing Length: Medium Long Suitable For: Bb and A Clarinet Recommended Reed Strength: 2 → 3 Vandoren Woodwind-Brass-Strings T5W

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