USB Charlie – Retro Organ Module

USB Charlie - Retro Organ Module
3 GB organ library in a virtual instrument

Most musicians have been looking for a simple way to have great organ sounds at their disposal without having to carry around a 200 lb monster. Most sound modules eventually failed and even modelling instruments running on computers are not giving musicians the sound they love. It seems that the electric organ is quite difficult to emulate. Enter Charlie. Created using a sample-playback instrument because all other technologies fail to create the spectacular sound musicians need. Created with the unique goal to provide the sound! The rotating speaker the tonewheels and the grit of an organ sound played through a guitar amp… All those classic elements contribute to the final sound and they are all faithfully reproduced by Charlie. Charlie brings you the authentic sounding organs you`ve been waiting for in a convenient plug-in with total recall of your edits. Charlie is powered by the award-winning UVI-Engine offering an amazing CPU efficiency. The included 3 GB sample library concentrates on the most famous electric organ of all times recorded with audiophile gear in one of the best studios in the world. The sound categories includes presets with and without rotating speaker cabinet Vibrato and percussion. Recorded through the regular speaker guitar amps and D.I. boxes. To round off the extensive sound selection pedal sounds are also included. Charlie puts the ballsy sounds of mythical organs at your fingertips because authentic sounds is the number one request of users. • Access to premium quality organ sounds in your sequencer without the need for a sampler • Wealth of parameters to adapt each preset to your needs • Powered by the award-winning UVI-Engine for a world-class sound • Full MachFive™ compatibility allows direct access to the library • All edited parameters are saved with your project • One of the most CPU-efficient sample-playback engines available today. OS9: VST MAS RTAS OSX: VST AU MAS RTAS PC: VST DXi and RTAS Ultimate Sound Bank Recording-and-Computers 24U

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USB Charlie – Retro Organ Module

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