Universal Acoustics Jupiter Wedge 600 Qty 10 (Purple)

Universal Acoustics Jupiter Wedge 600 Qty 10 (Purple)
The Universal Acoustic Jupiter Wedge is an absorption tile that delivers high quality acoustic treatment as well as immense practicality. Designed for mid and high level frequencies the Jupiter wedge offer superior audio performance due to the high density polythene based foam that comprises it

The Jupiter Wedge 600 offers a distinctive combination of high quality performance and safety. Manufactured in the UK to the highest industrial standard the Jupiter Wedge 600 passes the UL94 HFI specification. Its fluted finish sets it apart from from other products in the Jupiter range. The Universal Acoustics Jupiter range has an average Noise reduction coefficient of 86% Features and Specifications Material: High density polyester based foam Includes: 10 x Universal Acoustics Jupiter Wedge (600 x 600 x 50mm) charcoal Compatibility: Can be effectively used alongside 100 mm tiles Installation: Easy installation on most surfaces using Cosmic Fluid liquid adhesive Space Mist spray adhesive Universal Acoustics Recording-and-Computers SWO

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Universal Acoustics Jupiter Wedge 600 Qty 10 (Purple)

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