Trumpet Accessory Pack by Gear4music

Trumpet Accessory Pack by Gear4music
You have the perfect trumpet – now you need the accessories to keep it in top condition. This trumpet accessory pack is what you need. Coming complete with a trumpet and music stand slide grease cleaning and every other accessory you will need this pack will ensure your instrument and you plays at their best.

This pack includes: Trumpet stand Valve oil Slide grease Cleaning brushes Cleaning snake Polishing cloth Beginners tuition DVD Music stand Ultimate Beginners Trumpet DVD The Ultimate Beginner Series has helped many aspiring musicians take their first step toward experiencing the fun of playing music. Now you can experience both volume 1 and 2 together for the first time on DVD! This disc is perfect for beginning students for students who are changing to another instrument or as a refresher for player returning to the instrument after many years. You will learn about: Chapters include: Assembly and Maintenance Posture and Hand Positions Breathing Embouchure and producing a sound Tone quality and Technique Tuning Methods Breath Support Tonguing Techniques Special features include: Getting To Know The Instrument Feature Beginning Music Theory Interactive Printable Reference Materials. Gear4Music Woodwind-Brass-Strings BOW

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