Toontrack EZmix 2 Lite Upgrade

Toontrack EZmix 2 Lite Upgrade
The EZmix 2 Lite Upgrade is an upgrade from EZMix 2 Lite to the full EZMix 2 software that takes the 30 ready made signal chain presets and boosts it to around 350.

Following the success of Toontracks EZmix the new and completely overhauled EZmix 2 continues to build on the same fundamental idea: having pro-designed effect chains for instruments and channels found in every recording session combined in one powerful mixing tool. With the vast collection of ready-made presets mixing music is not only easy and incredibly fast – you end up with results second to none. All the previous functionality and content from EZmix is still intact and working in EZmix 2. The major difference however is that the new and revamped version comes with settings based on high-tech mastering effects new reverb algorithms guitar/bass amp and cab simulation a completely revised interface and a large core content boost. Essentially EZmix 2 is a mixing engineer mastering suite and guitar/bass amp all rolled up into one package. Start mixing – its EZ! Effects: EZmix 2 is a powerful package that combines a multitude of quality studio effects with the know-how of professional engineers. As soon as you select one of EZmixs pre-designed settings a complex chain of effect units instantly loads seamlessly in the background. See Details for in-depth information. The professional touch: Making professional mixes has never been easier! Having a vast array of available effects to choose from the signal-chain settings in EZmix 2 and all EZmix Packs were carefully crafted by seasoned mixing engineers. Lend some pro secrets and platinum record magic to your music by letting seasoned veterans do the tweaking for you! Guitar/bass amp and speaker simulation: EZmix 2 has a large amount of ready-made settings based on some of the most classic vintage and contemporary guitar and bass amps speakers and stomp boxes. Whether you are working stand-alone or in a host; plug your instrument straight into your sound card and select a preset! Low CPU usage: Combing several plugins on multiple channels can slow down even the fastest computer. With EZmix 2 you only use ONE instance on each channel instead of MANY and end up reducing your CPU usage to a minimum. With EZmix 2 you can make flawless mixes on low resource systems or in mobile situations! Features: Included Effects and Devices: Parametric EQ Low Pass Filter High Pass Filter Compressor Limiter Gate and Frequency Gate Transient Shaper Multi Band Compressor Mastering Limiter Filter Aural Exciter Distortion Special Distortion Tape Simulator Amplifiers Cabinets Overloud Butcrusher Wha-Wha Vibrato Tremolo Rotary Speaker Octaver Chorus Flanger Phaser Stereo Enhancer Reverbs Hall Reverb Inverse Reverb Tape Delay Filter Delay If you insert EZmix 2 on your channel and choose a setting from the browser a more or less complex signal chain of different effect units will open up in the background of EZmix 2. All the work of combining routing and tweaking the individual effects has already been done for you by experienced mixing engineers. With only ONE mouse click you immediately get the perfect sound for your audio channel subgroup AUX or even master fader. Toontrack Recording-and-Computers 10BL

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