Tascam DP-32SD Digital Multitrack Recorder

Tascam DP-32SD Digital Multitrack Recorder
The Tascam DP-32SD Digital Multitrack Recorder revolutionizes the Digital Portastudio series. After years of developing the The DP series Tascam has taken its premier recording series to the next level with 8 combo 1/4″ XLR Inputs with +48v Phantom Power and it offers 32 tracks (8 mono & 12 Stereo) and an abundance of other great features is an ideal multi-channel home recording device. Record anything you want wherever you want with this incredibly rugged compact and portable unit.

With the DP-32 TASCAM has included dozens of effects you can mix blend and combine to reach your desired sound between the numerours 32 channels. You can mix different effects on individual tracks and then orchestrate them together to achieve your final product. The DP-32 supplies all of the necessary tools. Built-in Amp Models Equalizer Delays Compressors and various other effects to give you all of the options you could imagine. Inputs (on the back) To the rear of the unit you will find 8 Combo Inputs. You will also find Monitor Out Effect Sends and RCA Stereo out. There is also an SD slot and USB port on the the unit allowing your SD Cards to keep the device much more portable offer quieter function and remain more stable than using hard drives. The USB is available for bouncing tracks to your computer for storage or further mixing if desired. Employ the USB for loading up other sounds like backing tracks or drum loops as well. Quality Design TASCAM have given a great deal of time the design of everything aspect of the DP-32 from the layout of the device software and structure to the gorgeous color LCD screen. Screen The high-resolution screen is easy to read the software is easy to maneuver and the dedicated controls on the outside of the unit take all of the stress out of recording. TASCAMs design ensures that you can focus all of your attention on sound creation and your songs. Features Simultaneous 32 track playback 8x monaural tracks + 12x stereo tracks Stereo tracks can be used as monaural tracks. (selectable) Integrated 40-input mixer to mixdown the 32 playback tracks with the eight inputs and for bouncing. Simultaneous 8 track recording Specifications Sample rate: 44.1kHz 48kHz Bit depth: 16bit 24bit 8 x combo jacks: for mic(XLR jack) and line (1/4″ TRS jack) inputs for input A-H High quality mic pres with phantom power: switchable every four inputs Guitar Hi-Z: input selectable on input H Unbalanced stereo outputs: 2x RCA jack Balanced stereo monitor outputs: 2x 1/4″ TRS jack Two unbalanced effect sends: 2x 1/4″ TS jack Stereo headphone outputs: 1/4″ TRS jack Remote input: 2.5mm mini TRS jack to connect a RC-3F. Effects: Input effects: Limiter Compressor Noise suppressor Exciter Guitar effects: Amplifier simulator Reverb Compressor Chorus Flanger Phase shifter..) Mixdown effects: Reverb Delay Stereo chorus Mastering effect: Single/Multi-band stereo compressor EQ Noise shaping Other Features: Bounce functionality to mix input signals and playback tracks and record the mixed signal(s) to track(s) Virtual tracks capability Mark function File transfer capability as USB mass storage device of a computer Chromatic Tuner Metronome AC adaptor included (TASCAM PS-1225L) Tascam Recording-and-Computers 12XP

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Tascam DP-32SD Digital Multitrack Recorder

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