Tama HP600D Iron Cobra Single Drum Pedal

Tama HP600D Iron Cobra Single Drum Pedal
The Tama HP600D Iron Cobra is a high performance and durable single kick drum pedal which incorporates a range of innovative features such as double chain drive duo glide reversible cam and spring tight tension rods to provide an effortless playability. Also with a robust and long lasting felt beater the HP600D can be used for a range of playing styles and can accommodate a range of set up preferences due to the adjustable components.

Duo Glide Cam The Tama HP600DB pedal boasts a special reversible “Duo Glide” cam allowing you to choose between the true round “Rolling Glide” sprocket and the off-set “Power Glide” sprocket according to your needs at the time. The Rolling Glide gives a smooth consistent feel while the Power Glide increases power and speed towards the end of the stroke. To adjust the Duo Glide cam simply loosen the bolt on the sprocket with a standard drum key remove and rotate the cam then reattach to the pedal and youre ready to go. Double Chain Drive & Speedo Ring Unlike cheaper kick drum pedals the HP600D incorporates a double chain design to offer smooth and accurate motion as well as increased reliability and durability. Additionally the Iron Cobra has been designed to reduce any unnecessary friction which is where the speedo ring comes in by replacing the traditional nylon rocker cam. Features Strong and robust single bass drum pedal Duo glide cam for power glide and rolling glide switching Double chain delivers smooth and accurate motion Upgraded hinge design provides fluid motion and improved durability Speedo Ring eliminates friction by replacing traditional nylon rocker cam Paraclamp ensures the pedal stays flat on the floor Spring tight tension rod keeps the spring from twisting Specifications Pedal Type: Single Drive System: Double Chain Beater: Plastic/Felt Finish: Black/Chrome Tama Drums-and-Percussion 19HO

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Tama HP600D Iron Cobra Single Drum Pedal

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