Tama HB5W Superstar 5 Piece Drum Hardware Pack

Tama HB5W Superstar 5 Piece Drum Hardware Pack
If youre looking for a full set of hardware to go with your new shell kit look no further than the Tama HC5W hardware pack. With a snare stand straight and boom cymbal stands hi-hat stand and kick drum pedal this has virtually everything you need to get going with your drums.

The stands are all sturdy and durable with double-braced legs. Both the cymbal stands and the snare stand feature Tamas Quick-Set Tilter which uses the friction of six metal disc plates to hold its position instead of traditional gears. This gives far more flexibility allowing you to adjust it to almost any angle desired. The HS60W snare stand offers excellent resonance with Escape Claws rubber cushions to let the snare drum float on the arms and unequally spaced basket arms to eliminate any contact between the arms and the snare strainer or butt regardless of the number of lugs. The basket also rotates independently of the stand allowing you to position the strainer however you need it. The cymbal stands both feature Tamas Noiseless Design which keeps the stand from swaying and rattling and ensures that all youll hear are the cymbals. The cymbal bottoms are reversible meaning that if part of the nylon sleeve wears out you can simply turn it upside down and keep using it. The HC63W boom cymbal stand can also be converted to a straight stand with the boom arm stored neatly in the upper tube giving you greater flexibility in your setup. The HH205 hi-hat stand offers five-way tension adjustment with easily visible settings a non-loosening tension rod and the ability to rotate the foot pedal around the tripod base so you can make the most of your floor space. The HP200P single kick drum pedal features Tamas Power Glide cam which has an offset shape for a smooth light feel without sacrificing power or speed. The spring tension is adjustable and the specially-shaped nut is designed to prevent the spring unit from loosening once youve set it. Features/Specifications: Pack Contains: HS60W Snare Stand HC63W Boom Cymbal Stand HC72WN Straight Cymbal Stand HH205 Hi-Hat Stand HP200P Single Kick Drum Pedal Tama Drums-and-Percussion TB3

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Tama HB5W Superstar 5 Piece Drum Hardware Pack

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