SSL XLogic X-Desk 16 Channel SuperAnalog Summing Mixer

SSL XLogic X-Desk 16 Channel SuperAnalog Summing Mixer
The compact SSL X-Desk combines a 16 channel SSL SuperAnalogue summing mixer with an analogue audio hub. It is compact enough to be transported with ease and fulfills everything you could need for the audio mixing process. It has the expected level of SSL attention to detail and depth with smooth 100mm faders comprehensive artist and studio monitoring with Dim and Cut buttons Stereo and Mono Aux sends channel and Master Bus Inserts and accurate bar graph level metering.

The Solid State Logic X-Desk 16-channel analog mixer combines the features functionality and great sound of the AWS 900+ Duality and Matrix consoles into a compact easily-transported chassis. Hand-made in the UK the X-Desk includes a 16-channel SSL SuperAnalogue summing mixer and a compact audio hub with smooth 100mm faders and premium monitoring functionality. Rack ears are included making it easy to make the X-Desk the heart of your portable rig. Features SuperAnalogue – analogue purity at the highest level 8x dual input Mono Line channels: 16 channel mixdown 8x Insert Send/Returns on channels Stereo CUE and 2 Mono Auxiliary Sends Cascade with X-Rack and other X-Desks for bigger systems Talkback – for artist communication Dim and Cut buttons Independent Main and Alternate stereo monitor outputs SSL Stereo Mix Bus with External summing and Inserts 2x Stereo Returns with Level Pan and Bus assignment iJack front panel input for portable playback devices High quality internal PSU D-Sub Channel I/O connection for studio integration 19″ Rack mount ears included Click here for an indepth tour of the X-Desk features. Solid State Logic Recording-and-Computers XTM

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