Soundcraft GB4-32 32-Channel Mixer

Soundcraft GB4-32 32-Channel Mixer
The Soundcraft GB4-32 32-channel mixer was designed by Graham Blyth for the companys 30th anniversary. Ideal for churches and performance venues it offers a comprehensive set of functions in a small and cost-effective footprint.

The GB4-32 can be used on both Front of House and monitor duties thanks to its dual-mode topology with fader control of group or aux outputs. There are four mute groups to allow several channels to be muted simultaneously and the limiter on a set of dedicated record outputs makes it easier to create a stereo recording of the mix. The output matrix has seven feeds to four outputs being fed from the group buses and the main L R and C mono outputs. The console is ruggedly built with all input modules constructed with individual vertically-mounted PCBs fitted to the steel chassis front panel with individually-nutted potentiometers. The rear connector panel slopes so it is easier to configure from the front of the desk and the integral power supply has a link option for an external backup PSU. Features/Specifications: Analogue/Digital: Analogue Frame Size: 32 Stereo Channels: 2 Digital I/O: No FX Processors: 0 Fixed Send (Group) Buses: 4 EQ Bands: 4 Variable Send (Aux) Buses: 8 Returns: 3 Direct Outputs: Yes Matrix Buses: 4 Main Bus Out: LRC Soundcraft PA-DJ-and-Lighting TPR

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