Sony Sound Forge 11.0 Sound Editor

Sony Sound Forge 11.0 Sound Editor
Sony Sound Forge 11.0 is a next level audio production suite which provides you with all the tools you need to record edit mix and master audio. With professional quality effects and modulators efficiency orientated workspace and advanced and meticulous editing tools the Sony Sound Forge 11.0 gives you complete control over every aspect of the audio helping you achieve professional quality audio projects.

New in Sound Forge 11: Modeless One-Touch Recording: Sony Sound Forge 11 features a freshly designed workflow optimized environment that allows you to get the most out of your recording by using the new features such as the ability to monitor unarmed channels whilst recording real-time wave form imaging storing and reviewing multiple takes and also features a simple and effective Pre & Post roll utility. Seamless Interoperability with SpectraLayers Pro 2: Sound Forge 11 also has the ability to seamlessly transfer audio data back and forth between SpectraLayers pro 2 giving you a vast array of sound manipulation and modulation capabilitys to get that exact tone or edit before simply transferring back over to your active project in Sound Forge 11. Plug-in Chain Interface: A new floating plug in chain interface has been added to the vast arsenal of tools found in Sony Sound Forge which will allow refined and advanced accessibility to signal and effects processing options such as plug in orders envelope automation bypass control without cluttering up your workspace. Waveform Overview Bar: Additionally there is a new waveform overview bar which gives the user the opportunity to navigate efficiently and effectively throughout the project whilst the use of detailed wav file visuals and auditioning capabilities allows for advanced analysis. Nectar Elements by iZotope: The state of the art Nectar Elements by iZotope is your new best friend when it comes to recording/editing and mixing vocals. Packed full of high quality features such as presence drive & grit controls de-esser pitch correction and room reduction just to name a few the Nectar Elements gives you complete control over your sound allowing you to achieve a professional standard vocal tone. CALM-targeted metering When it comes to volume mastering Sony Sound Forge 11 has got you covered with its CALM-targeted metering (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation). With simplistic visual representations and with modern commercial volume levels in mind the CALM-targeted metering will allow you to get the most volume out of your mix whilst retaining and enhancing the dynamic range. General Features: Recording and Playback: Sony Sound Forge 11 has a vast array of recording and playback features settings and capabilitys that ensure whatever the scenario it will deliver high quality results in an efficient and professional workspace. Multi-Channel Audio Recording: With the Sony Sound Forge 11 software you can record multi-channel audio when using multi-channel sound devices. Each audio stream can set to a particular channel and be edited in the Sound Forge interface just like a stereo file. 24-bit 32-bit/64-bit Float/192kHz Support: Software supports full resolution 24-bit/32-bit 192kHz files for the ultimate in audio fidelity. Capture the subtle overtones and nuances of instruments vocals and effect changes that 24-bit audio provides. With Sound Forge audio software you can import save and even record to this resolution if using supported hardware. Automated Time-Based Recording: Items may be scheduled to record on a recurring basis. Choose start time duration and end time. Items may be scheduled to record on minute daily or weekly timeframe. ASIO Driver Support: Use low-latency ASIO drivers providing faster professional results and support of additional sound cards. With ASIO its possible to monitor the programs output in near real-time so you can hear (for example) any clipping that occurs in the converters feeding Sound Forge software. VU Meters: Accurately determine RMS volume levels and provide greater perceived loudness control when mastering audio projects. Editing and Workflow: Sony Sound Forge thrives on bringing you an extremely competent work environment to allow the most efficient workflow possible without dumbing down any of their extensive editing capabilities. Graphical Fade Curves: Perform quick and easy graphic fades fade-ins fade-outs and crossfades. Fast slow smooth sharp and hold fade types are available in the Graphic Fade Pan/Expand Pitch-Bend Envelope and FM Synthesis dialogs. Multi-task Background Rendering: Work on one file while Sound Forge 11 software processes another in the background. Drag-and-Drop Editing Between Channels: Editing functionality has been enhanced to allow you to drag and drop selections of a file for pasting and mixing between channels allowing for faster editing. Waveform Volume and Pan Envelopes: Provides Volume and Pan Envelopes that let you visually add precise changes in your audio file over time for easier mixing. Multi-Channel File Editing and Processing: Open edit and save multichannel files just like stereo files. Those who need to edit files from the XDCAM multichannel field recorders and surround mixes can work on the multiple channels within a single file at the sample level. Customizable Keyboard Mapping: Easy to set custom key commands for frequently used processes. Real-Time Editing and Processing: Edit files non-destructively in real time at the sample level and hear your changes immediately. Tools and Effects: When it comes to tools and effects you need look no further as Sony Sound Forge 11. Containing a huge variety of professional standard signal and effects processing tools Sound Forge 11 gives you the opportunity to produce amazing quality mixes and really flourish and finesse your tracks with its elite collection of tools and effects. Noise Reduction Audio Restoration Plug-Ins: Easily restore audio from LPs cassettes CDs and more. The Noise Reduction collection of plug-ins contains Noise Reduction Audio Restoration Click and Crackle Removal and Clipped Peak Restoration. Use these to fix common audio problems such as tape hiss clicks and pops salvage damaged recordings and give new life to your audio. Wet/Dry Mix and Crossfade Options for Effects: The effects and process dialogs allow you to work on the media file and tweak parameters including wet/dry levels. Quickly switch between processing dialogs and data windows while working to adjust selection fade-in and out and gain levels. Phase Scope and Mono-Compatibility Metering: The Phase Scope metering helps you monitor the content of an audio signal to find phase cancellation among the channels in an audio file. The Phase Scope tool gives you a quick and easy visual measurement of the audio content. Meter types include Lissajous – XY Plot Lissajous – Rotated Polar – Linear Plot and Polar – Circular Plot. The new mono compatibility meter helps detect correlations or differences between the channels of a file that can cause phase cancellation when downmixing to mono. Multi-channel Capable Spectrum Analysis: View frequencies and overtones of different channels within an audio file. The Spectrum Analysis tool shows multiple graphs depending on how many channels are selected. Analyze and see the fundamental frequencies and overtones in your recordings. Monitor audio and effects changes take multiple snapshots and overlay views to compare and match frequencies of one file to another. Toolbar buttons include choices for FFT size and normal or sonogram view. VST Effect Support: Native support of VST plug-ins including parameter automation expands on the number of effects you can apply to your audio ultimately increasing your mastering flexibility. Batch Conversion: You can apply the same effects and processes to multiple files saving hours of editing time. Convert digital audio files into different formats including MP3 WMA AIF and RM – eliminating repetitive tasks. Convert as many files as you like in one sweep. Simply add a group of files to the Batch Conversion interface select an effect or process and run the script. You can also save and recall your most frequently used batch scripts. Over 40 Built-In Effects and Processes: Apply over 40 professional studio effects and processes that include 200 presets. Automatable effects include Volume Delay Chorus and more. Clipped Peak Detection and Marking: Software automatically scans sections of your file and marks sample peaks that are clipping. These indicators also show up in the Regions List for immediate identification. Audio Restoration tools eliminate clicks pops and other noise from your mix. White pink and brown noise generators: Invaluable for audio testing room acoustic analysis and measurements. These generators are also useful for creating sound effects such as water wind helicopters and more. Acoustic Mirror Software Plug-In: Apply different environments to your audio including bridges churches concert halls modern and classic microphones and more. System Requirements: Windows Vista (SP2 or later) Windows 7 Windows 8 or 8.1 1GHz Processor 500MB Hard-disk space for program installation 512MB RAM Windows compatible soundcard DVD-ROM Drive (for installation DVD) Supported Formats: Opens: AA3AACAIFASFAUAVICDADIGDLSDVDVFFLACFRGGIFGIGIVEM2AM2PM2TM4AM4BMMVOGGMOVMSVMP1MP3MP4MPEGMPEG-1MPEG-2Sony MXFPCAQTRAWSDSFASNDTIFVOXW64WAVWMAWMV Saves: AA3AC3AIFATRACAUAVIDIGDLSFLACFRGGIGIVCM1AM1PM2AM2PM2TMMVMOVMSVMP1MP2MP3MP4MPAMPEGMPEG-1MPEG-2Sony MXFOGGPCARAWSF2VOXW64WAVWMAWMV Online registration required to activate the software Sony Recording-and-Computers W0O

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