Sontronics Saturn Multi Pattern Condenser Mic

Sontronics Saturn Multi Pattern Condenser Mic
The Sontronics SATURN has been developed with the help of top producers artists and educators from around the world to set a new standard in flexible microphone performance and high-grade audio reproduction. The retro-styled SATURN whose design is inspired by the classic vocal mics of the 1940s and 50s is the ideal all-round studio microphone. It will provide you with perfectly detailed refined results no matter what you place in front of it. This bundle also includes a FREE 20ft high quality Monster cable.

SONTRONICS SATURN Multi-pattern condenser microphone The SATURN multi-pattern condenser microphone from British brand Sontronics is a must-have for any studio thanks to its amazing versatility impressive pedigree and above all its incredible sound. Designed by Sontronics founder Trevor Coley and developed with the input of super-producer Flood (U2 PJ Harvey The Killers Nine Inch Nails Smashing Pumpkins) the Sontronics SATURN is one of the only studio microphones available that can honestly boast it sounds fantastic on whatever you put it in front of (and these are the words of those who use it not just Sontronics themselves!). Capturing the visual appeal of classic vocal mics from the 1940s and 50s the SATURN was originally designed with vocals in mind but during the development process more patterns were added (SATURN has a choice of five in total) and the electronic circuits tweaked in order to capture the best characteristics of whatever you?re recording. The Sontronics SATURN boasts five polar patterns ? cardioid subcardioid omnidirectional hypercardioid and figure-of-eight – switchable from a dial on the front of the mic. Its hand-crafted gold-sputtered capsule sits suspended in a grille which itself is spring-mounted within the circular frame adding extra levels of shock-absorption on top of that provided by the unique Sontronics shockmount. You also have a three-stage attenuation or pad switch (0 -10 -20dB) and a three-stage high-pass filter (linear 75Hz 125Hz) and SATURN is supplied with its shockmount in a lockable aluminium flightcase. Protected by Sontronics? unique Lifetime Warranty the SATURN is recommended for pretty much everything (as Flood proudly stated “There is nothing that this microphone can?t do… well!”). Use it for sung or spoken vocals guitars and other acoustic instruments guitar amps drums overhead and room miking ensemble and choral recording string… whatever you use it for you?ll be impressed by the results. The only limit with SATURN is your own creativity! Reviews “Saturn is really a top piece of kit. No EQ necessary it dealt with all the dynamics excellently and was really open and present without sounding treated.” Paul Staveley ODuffy Producer/Songwriter “….the SATURN has wowed me and all my clients with its fantastic results on anything Ive stuck it in front of. Vocals are warm and valvey-sounding piano is crisp and clean and rounded strings are stunning acoustic guitar is breathtaking Ive even given it a hammering with drums and it comes up with the goods every time. The best thing Ive ever invested in for the studio by far!” Sontronics User Review Specifications Five-pattern condenser microphone Supplied in flightcase with unique shockmount Road-tested by top producers including Flood and Alan Moulder Incredible studio all-rounder ideal for vocals voiceover piano guitar amps drums percussion strings/brass/woodwind (solo or ensemble) choir room/ambient overhead covered by Sontronics LIFETIME WARRANTY Specifications Microphone type: Multi-pattern condenser Polar patterns: Omni subcardioid cardioid hypercardioid figure-of-eight Pad: 0 -10dB -20dB High-pass filter: Linear 75Hz 125Hz Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz Sensitivity: 20mV/Pa -32dB ±1dB (0dB = 1V/Pa 1000Hz) Impedance: -200 Ohms Equivalent noise level (A-weighted14dB Max. SPL (for 0.5% THD @ 1000Hz): 130dB Power source: requires phantom power 48V ±4V Connector: Three-pin XLR Dimensions: 164 x 50 x 32mm Weight: 673g (1176g with shockmount) Comes with: shockmount flightcase Sontronics Recording-and-Computers 1BXE

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