Sennheiser ASA 1 Active 2 x 1:4 Antennae Splitter

Sennheiser ASA 1 Active 2 x 1:4 Antennae Splitter
The Sennheiser ASA 1 active antenna splitter is designed to connect several UHF antenna signals to receivers from one multi-channel system. Lossless UHF signals are ensured thanks to the RF amplifiers and up to four receivers can be delivered the signal with just two antennas. BNC cables eliminate the need for each signal to have a separate power supply. The ASA 1 is an ideal splitter for saving space and equipment whilst still providing premium audio quality. If needed two ASA 1 devices can be linked for an expanded 8 channel system.

The ASA 1 features a wideband operation of 500 – 870 MHz making it suitable with a range of devices. It is designed to work most favourably with Sennheisers Evolution G3 EM100 300 and 500 diversity receivers. Specifications DimensionsHeight: 43 mm Width: 212 mm Depth: 168 mmFrequency Range: 500 to 870 MHz ASA 1 Antenna Splitter: 2 x 1:4 or 1 x 1:8 Active Connector: Input BNC x 8 Output BNC x 2 (RF Out) Amplification In A – Out A: 0 +/- 1 dB Amplification In A – Out A1…A4: 0 +/- 1 dB Amplification In B – Out b1…B4: 0 +/- 1 dB Impedance: 50 Ohms Total Current Consumption: Max. 2.0 A with 4 Receivers and 2 Antenna Boosters Operating Voltage: 13.8 V DC (with NT 1-1 Mains Unit) Weight: 1.09kg Sennheiser PA-DJ-and-Lighting 1FF2

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