sE Electronics Voice-Over Bundle – Gear4music Exclusive!

sE Electronics Voice-Over Bundle - Gear4music Exclusive!
This is the ideal bundle for anyone who is interested in voice-over or podcasting. Included is an sE Electronics X1 condenser microphone which is perfect for recording everything from vocals to instruments. Also in the bundle is a Steinberg UR22 audio interface which is 2-in/2-out with the addition of MIDI I/O. A pare of KRK KNS 6400 headphones will allow you to listen to exactly what is happening in the mix and the closed back design stops audio from bleeding out into the mic. To complete the bundle we have added a Gear4music studio arm and XLR cable.

This Bundle Includes sE Electronics sE X1 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Mic Steinberg UR22 USB Audio Interface KRK KNS 6400 Professional Closed-Back Headphones Studio Arm Mic Stand by Gear4music Gear4music XLR (F) – XLR (M) Microphone Cable 3m sE Electronics X1 Condenser Microphone The sE X1 has a large 1″ hand-made diaphragm 10dB pad and low cut bass filter and is finished in an expensive black rubber paint finish. The build and sonic performance are significantly better than key competitors and the mic which ships with a mic clip can be accessorised with a shock mount and flight case if desired. At the heart of the sE X1 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Mic is a gold-sputtered capsule built by hand by skilled engineers in sE Electronics and thoroughly tested after every process. The mylar diaphragm is fitted and tightened by hand with gold sputtering added to improve electrical performance. The careful capsule creation doesnt stop there as each is tuned by hand to meet sE Electronics high standards of quality. The sE X1 is also available in the sE X1 Studio Bundle which includes the mic cradle pop shield and sE RF-X Reflexion Filter. Steinberg UR22 Audio Interface The UR22 comes with two D-PRE microphone preamps the culmination of years of development by Yamaha. They allow you to easily capture any audio source whether acoustic instruments vocals electric guitar or ambient textures. The first-rate AD/DA converters provide supreme sonic fidelity with a maximum sampling rate of 192kHz and a resolution of 24 bits ensuring that you dont lose anything from the original source. With its small size and full metal chassis the UR22 is perfect for touring – easy to transport and rugged enough to take whatever you can throw at it. It still has all the core features of its bigger brothers though and you can simply connect it to your computer via USB and start making music. The audio interface has two Neutrik analogue XLR/TRS combo inputs with Peak LEDs and switchable +48V phantom power. The Hi-Z switch on input 2 allows for direct recording of electric guitar or bass without the need for an additional DI box. Latency-free hardware monitoring means that what you play is what you immediately hear. The Mix knob allows you to seamlessly blend between the direct signal and the output signal while independent headphones and main output controls mean you can adjust the monitor and phones level individually. KRK KNS 6400 Closed Back Studio Headphones This closed-back around-the-ear design of the KNS 6400 Headphones brings you closer to your music and the highly isolated surround pads give you the freedom to immerse yourself in the sound without having your monitor mix escape into open microphones and keeps live instruments out of what you are monitoring. Having consistent and accurate reproduction of your music or mix will help you achieve just what the artist intended especially if the artist is you. KRK Headphones provide a precise listening experience that takes you from personal studio to commercial studio to on-the-go track evaluations and they allow you to accurately enjoy your music with the consistent voicing philosophy and honest reproduction top producers studio musicians performers and engineers have come to trust. KRK headphones provide incredibly natural frequency response that gives you a reference standard unaffected by your location. Also included is a Gear4music Studio Arm and XLR to XLR cable Please Note: Steinberg USB audio interfaces are now incompatible with OS X 10.11.1. Since the release of 10.11.1 Steinberg have discovered an issue with audio dropouts that can vary depending on the system. Steinberg apologise for any inconvenience that this problem may cause and are currently working on a resolution for this problem. For a full list of Steinberg products that are compatible with OS X 10.11.1 click here . Se Electronics Recording-and-Computers 12MD

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sE Electronics Voice-Over Bundle – Gear4music Exclusive!

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