Samson Resolv RXA5 Active Ribbon Studio Reference Monitor

Samson Resolv RXA5 Active Ribbon Studio Reference Monitor
The Samson Resolv RXA5 is a two-way active studio monitor that offers a flat frequency response and professional audio quality for precise mixing and mastering in your studio. The RXA6 features a 5″ copolymer woofer speaker and 2.5″ aluminium ribbon tweeter putting out 100 watts of power. The Samson Resolv RXA5 is perfect for many applications in particular electronic music production.

The Samson Resolv RXA5 unites the latest advances in speaker technology and active electronics to create a true reference professional studio monitor with a flat frequency response. This 2-way active studio reference monitor delivers the sonic elements that are essential to any studio – precise audio imaging for recording mixing mastering and all multimedia applications. At the core of the RXA5 (70 watts 50Hz-27kHz) is Samsons newly-developed Air Displacement Ribbon Tweeter. The 2.5″ aluminum tweeters corrugated ribbon design is able to move four times the air of a standard dome tweeter. The result is a linear response with extended high frequency accurate phase response and extremely low distortion. In addition the speakers 5″ copolymer woofer with butyl coating forces a fast recovery and quick transient response for tight low-end performance. The RXA5 offers separate amps for both the woofer and the tweeter thanks to the bi-amplified design. This ensures serious dynamic headroom and reduces intermodulation distortion by optimizing the power efficiency of the monitors traditional Class A/B amplifier. The RXA5 also features a multi-pole crossover thats perfectly adjusted to the tuning of the monitors components providing optimal performance and maximum SPL. The RXA5 brings a high level of versatility to your studio setup. Connections can be made via balanced 1/4″ and XLR inputs as well as unbalanced RCA inputs to directly engage MP3 players computers and more. In addition to a large center-detented Volume knob the RXA5 has dedicated high and low frequency EQ knobs for optimizing the monitor to the specific sound characteristics of a given space. The monitor is constructed of solid Medium Density Fingerboards (MDF) with a vinyl-wrapped finish resulting in a durable yet stylish design that would benefit the reliability and look of any studio. Great for electronic music production the RXA5s Air Displacement Ribbon Tweeter accurately reproduces the crisp highs of popular synths and vocals while its copolymer woofer delivers natural depth to kick drum and bass tracks. A pair of RXA5s is the perfect monitor setup for a variety of applications including DJ setups delivering seamless transitions with the zero resonance design of the RXA5. By displacing four times more air than traditional reference monitors a pair of RXA5s allows studio engineers to better hear the subtle details of recorded instruments and work them into the mix. Mic placement room ambiance amp settings instrument materials and other intricate performance qualities will be preserved by the RXA5 allowing you to build unique lush mixes that will sound good on any system. Tyhe RXA5s are ideal for producing pro-level audio in a number of situations outside of the studio too. Use them as desktop speakers to enjoy studio-quality sound when watching movies or gaming online with friends. Designed to provide fatigue-free music playback for hours on end the RXA5 is great for the audiophile who simply wants to relax and enjoy their favorite tracks. With the RXA5 your music and multimedia listening experience will be elevated to a whole new level. Combining a sleek design high-end components and meticulous engineering Samsons Resolv RXA5 studio monitor offers a true reference sound with no unnecessary color and distracting hype just precise audio imaging for authentic and critical sound reproduction. Features 2-way active studio monitor (sold individually) 2.5″ aluminum Air Displacement Ribbon Tweeter 5″ copolymer woofer with butyl coating 70 watts of power Smooth flat frequency response of 50Hz-27kHz Balanced 1/4″ and XLR inputs unbalanced RCA inputs Active crossover with multi-pole design for linear response Dedicated high and low frequency EQ knobs for precise control AV shielded for use with sensitive electronics Solid MDF construction Specifications Accessories: Power Cable Manual Manufacturers Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty Speaker Size: 5-inch Speaker Configuration: 2-way Power Output: 70 Watts Input Connector: Balanced 1/4″ and XLR inputs unbalanced RCA inputs Colour: Black Digital I/O: No USB: No Speaker Type: Reference Monitor Frequency Response: 50Hz-27kHz Samson Recording-and-Computers 1497

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