Sabian XS20 Complete Cymbal Set Brilliant Finish

Sabian XS20 Complete Cymbal Set Brilliant Finish
The Sabian XS20 Complete Cymbal Set is made up of six XS20 cymbals all made from B20 bronze and are Sonically Matched in the Sabian Vault. This set consists of a 10 splash cymbal 14 medium hi-hats 16 and 18 medium-thin crash cymbals as well as a 18 chinese and 20 medium ride cymbal. All these cymbals combined into one set means that youre equipped to play anything from dirty rides or fast attacking accents to splashy punches and accurate sticking.

The Sabian XS20 10 Splash cymbal features a vintage design with bright sounds. Providing fast and bright responses from this small extra thin model. Ideal for quick splashy punches and accents that can cut in any music. The Sabian XS20 14 Medium Hi-Hats feature a medium-weight top cymbal with a heavy bottom. The medium top provides accurate sticking response whilst the heavy bottom boosts clarity and cut. This pairing overall increases volume delivers clean stick / pedal definition and fullness when played open. This results in an highly versatile pair of cymbals. The Sabian XS20 16 and 18 Medium Thin Crash cymbal combine the response of a thin crash with the increased power of a medium-weight providing a highly versatile and effective crash for any drummer. The Sabian XS20 18 Chinese cymbal provides a raw nasty response and is tonally tight / highly aggressive. This cymbal is ideal for playing bright but dirty rides or fast attacking accents. The Sabian XS20 20 Medium Ride cymbal features a balance of stick definition combined with tonal wash. This pairing results in a consistently clean and musical sound at all volumes. This cymbal also includes a mid-sized bell that projects clearly and is ideal for playing solid grooves. Complete in a Brilliant Finish these cymbals are machine buffed and hand polished leaving a smooth and glossy look on the cymbal. This finish means that the lathed grooves within the cymbal are slightly smoother which results in a smoother glassier and even warmer sound. Specifications Style: Vintage Sound: Bright Metal: B20 Pitch: Mid to High Finish: Brilliant Weight: Splash: Extra-Thin Hi-Hats: Medium Top / Heavy Bottom Medium-Thin Crash: Medium-Thin Chinese: Thin Medium Ride: Medium In The Box 1 x XS20 10 Splash 1 x XS20 14 Medium Hi-Hats 1 x XS20 16 Medium-Thin Crash 1 x XS20 18 Medium-Thin Crash 1 x XS20 18 Chinese 1 x XS20 20 Medium Ride Sabian Drums-and-Percussion 17XX

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