Sabian XS20 13 First Pack Cymbal Set Brilliant Finish

Sabian XS20 13 First Pack Cymbal Set Brilliant Finish
The Sabian First Pack Cymbal Set is ideal for any drummer looking to upgrade a beginners set to a more intermediate level and progress onwards. This set consists of XS20 13 Hi-Hats and a XS20 16 Crash cymbal both of which are made from professional B20 bronze. Crafted using an innovative manufacturing technique the XS20s have been designed to represent the crisp biting sound of vintage bright cymbals.

The Sabian XS20 16 Medium Thin Crash cymbal combines the response of a thin crash with the increased power of a medium-weight providing a highly versatile and effective crash for any drummer. The Sabian XS20 13 Medium Hi-Hats feature a medium-weight top cymbal with a heavy bottom. The medium top provides accurate sticking response whilst the heavy bottom boosts clarity and cut. This pairing overall increases volume delivers clean stick / pedal definition and fullness when played open. This results in an highly versatile pair of cymbals. Complete in a Brilliant Finish these cymbals are machine buffed and hand polished leaving a smooth and glossy look on the cymbal. This finish means that the lathed grooves within the cymbal are slightly smoother which results in a smoother glassier and even warmer sound. Specifications Style: Vintage Sound:Bright Metal: B20 Pitch: Mid to High Finish: Brilliant In The Box 1 x XS20 13 Medium Hi-Hats 1 x XS20 16 Crash Cymbal Sabian Drums-and-Percussion 17XI

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