Sabian Regular B8 Triangle Set

Sabian Regular B8 Triangle Set
The Sabian Triangle Set is the perfect addition to a percussionists arsenal. Featuring 4 triangles (468 and 10 inches) made from cymbal quality B8 bronze and 3 different sized beaters this is the ultimate choice for professional and versatile players. The whole package comes in a zip-up case meaning that all the items can be stored safely and easily.

B8 Triangles The Sabian B8 Bronze Triangles are hand crafted instruments suitable for all kinds of ensembles. These professional quality triangles create a bright and medium pitched sound that sustain and carry across ensembles. Made from B8 Bronze (8 tin 92 copper with traces of silver) these triangles have a very focused sound with controlled and clear overtones. Specifications Triangle Diameters: 4 6 8 10 Inch Triangle Material: B8 Bronze Triangle Weight: Medium-Heavy Beaters: 3 Different Weights Case: Zip-up Case with Storage Compartments Sabian Drums-and-Percussion 171S

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