Sabian HHX Performance Cymbal Set Natural Finish

Sabian HHX Performance Cymbal Set Natural Finish
The Sabian HHX Performance Set is made up of three cymbals 14 Stage Hi-Hats a 16 Stage Crash and a 20 Stage Ride. All three cymbals are Sonically Matched by Sabian Vault Specialists to ensure optimum performance compatibility straight out of the box. The Sabian HHX cymbals are dark and tonally complex with the ability to cut through delivering more modern styles.

All HHX series cymbals are complete with HHX Tone Projection. This innovative concept combines jumbo tone projector hammering and other design elements resulting in hot simmering sounds that have the ability to project through. The Sabian HHX Stage Hi-Hats feature a medium weight top cymbal paired with a heavy bottom. These 14 hi-hats offer bright and crisp responses with clean sticking when played closed and a solid wash of sound when played open. The Sabian HHX Stage Crash features a medium weight design made from B20 bronze alloy. This design means that the weight boosts the playing volume delivering a solid attack with a full-bodied warm and penetrating response. The Sabian HHX Stage Ride delivers a simmering tone paired with crisp stick responses that are ideal for both riding and punchy accents. This 20 cymbal also features a raw hammered bell with controlled spread. Specifications Style: Modern Sound: Dark Weight: Hi-Hats: Medium Top / Heavy Bottom Crash: Medium Ride: Medium Metal: B20 Finish: Natural In The Box 1 x HHX 14 Stage Hi-Hats 1 x HHX 16 Stage Crash 1 x HHX 20 Stage Ride Sabian Drums-and-Percussion 183H

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