Sabian HHX 18 Evolution Crash Cymbal Brilliant Finish

Sabian HHX 18 Evolution Crash Cymbal Brilliant Finish
The Sabian HHX Evolution Crash was developed by Sabian Vault Specialists in collaboration with Dave Weckl. The Evolution Crash is a sensitive and highly responsive cymbal that delivers a combination of bite and penetration of high-end attack with warmth and agitation of dark undertones.

The 18 HHX Evolution Crash is exactly the essence of what Dave Weckl was looking for when he approached Sabian. In fact thats exactly what the entire HHX Evolution line is all about. These are cymbals that retain the low end while brightening the highs. And sensitivity is increased so hat the lightest touch with a stick sets them off. Dave has a very acute sense of hearing and knows exactly what he wants from his cymbals. In addition to high-response sensitivity he requested a specific degree of separation between the brighter high-end tones and the warmer low end for a sound that was both warm and cool. He was very specific and this is why our craftsmen were able to design Evolution to such high standards. We are extremely pleased with the results. – Sabian Master Product Specialist Mark Love. All HHX series cymbals are complete with HHX Tone Projection. This innovative concept combines jumbo tone projector hammering and other design elements resulting in hot simmering sounds that have the ability to project through. Specifications Style: Modern Sound: Dark Weight: Thin Metal: B20 Finish: Brilliant Sabian Drums-and-Percussion KZH

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