Sabian HH 21 Raw-Bell Dry Ride Cymbal

Sabian HH 21 Raw-Bell Dry Ride Cymbal
The Sabian HH Raw-Bell Dry Ride features an unlathed bell that cuts through with maximum clarity and definition. This hand hammered remastered cymbal delivers high-definition sticking thats complemented by warmth and a slightly funky tone. Each HH cymbal has a unique character that lets you find your own one-of-a-kind sound.

The Raw Bell Dry Ride design is possibly the single most versatile and effective ride cymbal ever designed. Not only does it deliver consistently warm and pure sounds it is ideal for any player wanting the absolute best in terms of consistently clean stick definition across the bow and bell areas as well as a level of dynamic sensitivity that ensures crisp clarity and accuracy at all volumes. – Sabian Master Product Specialist Mark Love. The HH Series When Sabian was first launched in 1982 Hand Hammered (HH) cymbals were the first products they manufactured – and these were the cymbals that made drummers all over the world fall in love with Sabian. Now Sabian have remastered these original cymbals to produce models with added complexity and tone delivering unmatched sonic texture across the entire line. Depending on the size and model each remastered HH cymbal is hand hammered up to 3000 times – in some cases more. Traditional Turkish hand hammering is more than just our history explained Sabian Master Sound Specialist Mark Love Its our DNA. Weve been using traditional hand hammering techniques since day one. Specifications Style: Vintage Sound: Dark Metal: B20 Weight: Medium-Heavy Sabian Drums-and-Percussion 186P

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