Sabian Basement Mix 14 Hi-Hats 16 Crash 18 Crash 20 Ride

Sabian Basement Mix 14 Hi-Hats 16 Crash 18 Crash 20 Ride
The Sabian Basement Mix is a result of the years of experience amassed by Sabians Vault team. This pack is designed for the serious beginner with a foundation of the popular B8 14 Hi-Hats and a 20 Ride the mix is enhanced with the new better B8 Pro 16 and 18 Crash cymbals.

The Sabian B8 14 Hi-Hats provide crisp and lively stick responses along with pedal responses. Producing very bright and definite tones that are clean and penetrating to cut through the music. Complete with a focus style and medium-heavy top and heavy bottom cymbal results in a pair of versatile hi-hats. The Sabian B8 20 Ride offers crisp stick definition with a cutting bell and bright tonal responses. This cymbal is able to blend tones to create a smooth versatile ride cymbal that sounds professional but with an affordable price and is suitable for most genres of music. The Sabian B8 Pro 16 and 18 Thin Crash cymbal features quick-responses with bright tight and focused tonal content. Excellent for playing cutting accents too. The exclusive Sabian B8 Brilliant Finish series delivers bright tonally controlled responses in a wide range of models priced just right for players getting into quality bronze cymbals. Features/Specifications: Style: Focused Sound: Bright Metal: B8 Pitch: Mid To High Weight: Medium – Heavy Finish: Natural / Brilliant Whats In The Box: 1 x B8 14 Hi-Hats 1 x B8 20 Ride­­­ 1 x B8 Pro 16 Thin Crash 1 x B8 Pro 18 Thin Crash ­ Sabian Drums-and-Percussion JZ7

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