Sabian B8X Performance Cymbal Set

Sabian B8X Performance Cymbal Set
The Sabian B8X Performance Set is the perfect pack for any serious beginners who need a range of cymbals to start with. Delivering clarity and punch the B8 bronze instantly adds sonic power at an affordable price. Sonically Matched by Sabian Vault Specialists to ensure optimum performance compatibility this set includes a pair of clean and penetrating 14 Hi-Hats and a 16 Thin Crash and a crisp 20 Ride cymbal. Featuring precision forming hammering and lathing the sounds are pure and tonally tight. The B8X series from Sabian makes your first move into precious metal cymbals an easy and affordable one.

The new B8X series is the evolution of B8 with more hammering including fully hammered bells adjusted profile and a great new logo. The B8X is superior to B8 in every way at the exact same price. The result is enhanced projection with more complexity to the sound and a great new look. The Sabian B8X Hi-Hats consist of a medium weight top cymbal with a heavy bottom. This combination delivers crisp lively stick and pedal responses that are extremely bright definite and clean. The Sabian B8X Thin Crash Cymbal provides a fast punchy and bright attack that projects through with loudness that results in a cutting crash. The B8X Ride is a versatile cymbal that provides crisp stick definition combined with a cutting bell and bright tonal response. Specifications Style: Focused Sound: Bright Metal: B8 Pitch: Mid to High Weight: Hi-Hats: Medium Top / Heavy Bottom Crash: Thin Ride: Heavy Finish: Natural In The Box 1 x B8X 14 Hi-Hats 1 x B8X 16 Thin Crash 1 x B8X 20 Ride Sabian Drums-and-Percussion 1961

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