Sabian B8 Pro 20 Rock Ride Cymbal

Sabian B8 Pro 20 Rock Ride Cymbal
The Sabian B8 Pro Rock Ride is a 20 cymbal that boasts a crisp stick attack that remains bright and audible with light wash at higher volumes.

Sabian B8 Pro cymbals are fully hammered and lathed to deliver the bright focused and penetrating sounds offered by more expensive cymbals. Each one is precision crafted using a process called virtual cloning where they are created from master templates to form the consistently bright focused and effective sounds you expect to hear from a Sabian cymbal. The B8 alloys glassy sound and brilliant finish is achieved through a high-pressure high-heat polishing process that smooths the groove edges of the tonal rings. The B8 Pro series is a great choice for beginners and an easy introduction into the world of bronze cymbals. Features 20 Rock Ride Brilliant finish Speed power and aggression Great for beginners Quality Sabian crafting techniques Style: Focused Sound: Bright Metal: B8 Weight: Heavy Sabian Drums-and-Percussion 17VM

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