Sabian AA 8 China Splash Cymbal

Sabian AA 8 China Splash Cymbal
The Sabian AA series 8 China Splash cymbal delivers rapid splashy response with bright trashy edge. The China Splash can also sit atop other cymbals for added tonal variations. Cast from Sabian B20 bronze AA series cymbals offer versatile sound for a variety of playstyles.

Sabian AA series cymbals are cast from pure Sabian B20 bronze consisting of 20 percent tin 80 percent copper with traces of sliver and are hammered using traditional techniques which ensures versatility and power with bright vintage sounds. High-profile shaping raises pitch allowing AA cymbals to cut through and be heard while additional small-peen hammering increases stick response and boosts energy. Hand-cut wide lathing tightens the cymbal structure for increased durability. AA series cymbals from Sabian are designed to bring back vintage bright sounds from the 50s 60s and 70s and are ideal for a variety of playing styles from rock and funk to jazz blues and more. Features Style: Vintage Sound: Bright Metal: B20 Weight: Extra Thin Sabian Drums-and-Percussion 18E3

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