Sabian 17″ AA Holy China Brilliant Finish

Sabian 17
This Sabian 17″ Holy China delivers all of the unique trashy tone of the Holy China with less volume.

In 2011 when Sabian introduced the Holy China the response from drummers around the world was positively overwhelming. A testament to Sabians innovation and forward-thinking design the Holy China featured a higher profile to raise the pitch holes for volume and sustain and a large unfinished bell for cut and durability; truly a modern Chinese cymbal. Following unprecedented demand from drummers across the world Sabian have now released the 17″ version. Not as monstrously loud as its larger siblings the 17″ will undoubtedly appeal to drummers who want the unique trashy tone of the Holy China but with less volume. Even at 17″ the Holy China is not for the faint of heart! A unique hole pattern large raw bell high profile and wide lip all combine to create a monster of loudness and cut. Developed with Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith its a unique and explosive package. Sabian Cymbal and Sound Guide 2012 – click below to view the PDF Features/Specifications: Style: Vintage Sound: Bright Metal: B20 Sabian Bronze Finish: Brilliant Weight: Thin Sabian Drums-and-Percussion JXU

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Sabian 17″ AA Holy China Brilliant Finish

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