Rosedale Intermediate C Clarinet by Gear4music

Rosedale Intermediate C Clarinet by Gear4music
The Rosedale Intermediate C Clarinet by Gear4music makes the previously expensive realm of alternative key clarinets more accessible and more affordable without sacrificing build quality or sound. Featuring a Hard Rubber body and Nickel plated keys along with a nickel plated mouthpiece cap and a quality hard case this clarinet offers fantastic value for money.

A Quality Instrument at an Affordable Price The Rosedale Intermediate C Clarinet is a great quality instrument at an incredibly affordable price. Opening up the option of alternative key clarinets without the normal associated cost this great instrument is a perfect accompaniment to the Bb and A Clarinets in the Orchestral players collection. This great clarinet offers an affordable opportunity to have a full collection of orchestral clarinets without spending too much. Quality Materials and Great Sound With a hard rubber body with brushed matte ebony finish this clarinet simulates the acoustic properties of an ebony instrument without the associated cost. This reliable instrument is robust and durable and is not affected by head or humidity to the same extent as a wooden instrument. With a full bodied warm tone this instrument will sound great in Orchestral situations. The nickel plated keys have a great action and compliment the quality of the body giving a pleasing overall playing experience. Specifications Key: C Finish: Hard Rubber Keys and Mechanisms: Nickel Plated Tone Holes: Undercut Springs: Blue steel Ligature: Nickel Plated Included Accessories Premium Hard Case Mouthpiece and Reed Mouthpiece Cap Cleaning Cloth Cork Grease Rosedale Woodwind Instruments by Gear4music This range of woodwind instruments were launched in 2007 by and take their name from a unique region of the North Yorkshire Moors. Products include Piccolos Flutes Saxophones Clarinets and Oboes all of which are built to a professional standard. Rosedale woodwind instruments are ideal for the ambitious player with discerning tastes as well as students wanting a great sounding instrument. Every Rosedale instrument has been hand-crafted providing professional playability and quality whilst retaining a competitive price. These instruments combine traditional techniques and knowledge with modern innovation. With superior build quality and professional finishes Rosedale instruments are built to precise specifications. Our range of intermediate to professional Rosedale woodwind instruments by Gear4music have proven to raise the bar of musical instruments to the next level. Rosedale Woodwind-Brass-Strings 12AA

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