Rico Multi-Instrument Reed Storage Case

Rico Multi-Instrument Reed Storage Case
The Rico Multi-Instrument Reed Storage Case holds up to eight of any size clarinet or saxophone reeds from Eb clarinets to Baritone saxophone. It features Reed Vitalizer two-way humidity control technology. The Reeds are held in place to a grooved surface preventing any warping. An airtight gasket ensures a proper seal which keeps the reeds safe and stable during transportation. Each case comes with one humidity control pack in 73% relative humidity.

The Rico Reed Vitalizer offers maintenance-free reed storage. The Humidipak technology uses two-way humidity control to prevent warping and keep your reeds stable in any weather conditions. Reed Vitalizer Humidity Control Packs will last 45-60 days. When the pack becomes hard simply discard and replace with a new pack. The refill packs currently available have a humidity level of 73% which means that minimal wetting of your reed will be required. Rico Woodwind-Brass-Strings 15IU

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Rico Multi-Instrument Reed Storage Case

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