Remo Taiko ( Okedo Daiko) 20″ x 18″

Remo Taiko ( Okedo Daiko) 20
Taiko drums have been an important part of almost every aspect of Japanese culture and their powerful sound has inspired the Western world as well.

Remo`s Taiko drums are based on this long-honored drumming heritage. They carefully follow authentic Japanese designs from the barrel-shaped Nagado Daiko to the Shime Daiko with its uniquely shaped shell that is contoured both inside and out. In addition to enhance the performance capabilities of these great drums Remo adds a selection of deep durable finishes stitched NUSKYN Taiko heads ACOUSTICON shells and a rope tuning system using high-grade polyester non-stretch rope lacing key or pretuned options. Remo`s Okedo drum is a straight-sided drum with rope-tuning and its Type 10 NUSKYN heads. The larger 20″ x 18″ Okedo is finished in a luxurious Venwood Satinwood with matching gold-colored rope. Comments: NUSKYN head Cover: Venwood Size: 20″ x 18″ Color: Satinwood Remo Drums-and-Percussion 35G

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Remo Taiko ( Okedo Daiko) 20″ x 18″

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