Remo Surdo (Chrome) 24″ x 22″

Remo Surdo (Chrome) 24
Surdos are played with a soft mallet in one hand while the opposite hand is used to rhythmically dampen the drum.

Each model comes with ACOUSTICON shells and are available in a Tropical Rainforest FabriFinish bright QUADURA Chrome or Chalo Eduardo Signature Series (Black Prizmatic) finishes. All Remo Surdos come with clear AMBASSADOR or FIBERSKYN® 3 drumheads with PINSTRIPE Smooth White and Clear AMBASSADOR and POWERSTROKE 3 heads also popular choices. Remo s comparatively lighter cable-tuned Surdo s come equipped with clear AMBASSADOR resonant head and a FIBERSKYN® 3 batter. Comments: Resposta Standard Cover: QUADURA Size: 24″ x 22″ Key Tuned Color: Chrome Remo Drums-and-Percussion 554

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Remo Surdo (Chrome) 24″ x 22″

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