Remo Renaissance Ambassador Bass Drumhead 18″

Remo Renaissance Ambassador Bass Drumhead 18
A warmth sensitivity and articulation reminiscent of calfskin all characterize RENAISSANCE heads.

These heads have a very warm and tonal sound thats great for melodic expression and affords a wider more balanced sound spectrum for tympani snares toms and bass drums in any drumming application. RENAISSANCE is the new worldwide industry standard for tympani drums in live or studio situations. For bass drums RENAISSANCE creates a deep round sound with a low fundamental and moderate attack. RENAISSANCE uses the latest in textured film technology to create a textured surface that s excellent for sticks brushes and mallets. This extraordinary material is made in a two-part process first treating the film surface with an ultra-thin coating and then curing it in a special environment. Weight: Ambassador Bass Size: 18 bd Remo Drums-and-Percussion 4E8

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Remo Renaissance Ambassador Bass Drumhead 18″

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