Remo 5 x 8 Inch Cuica Samba Red

Remo 5 x 8 Inch Cuica Samba Red
The Cuica is a friction drum with a stick attached to the centre of the head. The stick is rubbed with one hand inside the head using a damp cloth while varying pressure is applied to the outside of the head by the other hand to create the instrument s unique sound. The Remo pre-tuned Cucia features a gorgeous cherry red finish body and a smooth white fixed non-replaceable drumhead. The 5 x 8 inch Cucia has a quick-change bamboo stick and comes equipped with a light weight drum strap.

Features/Specifications Model: CU-5008-58 Size: 5″ x 8″ Colour: Cherry Red Remo Drums-and-Percussion Y9B

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