Primacoustic Cumulus Broadband Ceiling Corner Trap Black

Primacoustic Cumulus Broadband Ceiling Corner Trap Black
The Primacoustic Cumulus is a triangular broadband acoustic corner trap that effectively absorbs sound energy from 125Hz and up. Designed to fit in corners where the walls and ceiling meet the Cumulus takes advantage of the natural propagation of sound that occurs in all rooms. Sound waves follow the wall and ceiling planes and accumulate in the corners a well known hot spot in small rooms. Sold in pairs.

The Cumulus is amazingly compact. Each side is 24″ in length and when in place creates a 12″ deep air space cavity behind the panel that increases the bass absorption characteristics. Mounting Cumulus traps in a room will generally yield a significant reduction in the problematic low-mid region while leaving the architectural design of the room virtually intact. Invisible mounting is achieved using spring-tensioned clasps and a single eye-screw. Mounting literally takes minutes and because of the reverse beveled edges Cumulus traps flush mount seamlessly into the room esthetics. This makes the Cumulus the perfect acoustic starting point for rooms such as home theatres or smaller production suits that have limited wall space and suffer from saturation of lower mid-range frequencies (known as boomyness). The strategic placement of the Cumulus in the ceiling corners plus the air cavity it creates there helps flatten out low-mid room response. Primacoustic Recording-and-Computers ASC

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