Pioneer PLX-1000 and DJM-S8 DJ Bundle

Pioneer PLX-1000 and DJM-S8 DJ Bundle
The Pioneer PLX-1000 Analog DJ Turntable is a remarkable impressive and professional standard analog DJ Turntable that has been developed to provide everything you could require from a DJ turntable whether at a club festival or even for home. Also included is the Pioneer DJM-S9 2 channel scratch mixer for Serato DJ. The unit features two USB sound cards (lets two DJs play back-to-back seamlessly) plus inputs for analog equipment like turntables CDJs (RCA output) and a microphone. The build quality of the DJM-S9 is excellent and features Pioneers newest contactless magnetic crossfader. To finish off the bundle we have also added a pair of Ortofon Pro S DJ cartridges.

Pioneer PLX-1000 Analog Turntable The Pioneer PLX-1000 Analog DJ Turntable is the result of many years experience and consumer investigation to achieve a truly user friendly and innovative analog DJ turntable that excels in all live environments. Featuring a simplistic and sleek control design the Pioneer PLX-1000 provides an extensive tempo control fader allowing for tempo manipulations from plus or minus 8 to 50 speed for advanced adaptability when crossfading and cutting tracks whilst also incorporating an extremely practical tempo reset button for immediate tempo reboots. Using a combination of heavy mass die-cast zinc 8mm resin springs rubber and other vibration dampening materials the PLX-1000 absorbs and isolates any unwanted external vibrations common in clubs and live scenarios whilst retaining an extremely durable construction. Incorporating a truly stable platter that can reach its standard rotation speed in just 0.3 seconds and innovative rubber tubing inside the tone arm to minimize howling the PLX-1000 produces a crisp and authentic tone which is further benefited by the gold plated RCA outputs that allow for detachable cables for easy transportation and replacements. Pioneer DJM-S9 2 Channel Scratch Mixer for Serato DJ The DJM-S9 two-channel mixer for Serato DJ puts the power of personalisation in DJs hands with a fast accurate and customisable crossfader plus Performance Pads and FX buttons that DJs can map to suit their preferences. The mixer delivers plug-and-play integration with Serato DJs four decks and boasts DVS support on-board Beat FX two USB sound cards and a top-loaded input switcher for seamless DJ transitions. The DJM-S9 is built to withstand the most rigorous scratch performances and suit every DJs style. The proprietary magnetic crossfader is both robust and responsive with customisable Fader Bumpers feeling adjust cut lag and fader curve. The colour-coded Performance Pads give instant access to loops cues samples and rolls – or DJs can reconfigure the pads to trigger their favourite Serato DJ functions. Plus DJs can customise the FX buttons and banks to their choice of 55 Serato DJ FX and 15 on-board Beat FX and manipulate the parameters with a wet/dry dial on each channel. And the FX On/Off lever means they can exit their creative compositions in a flash. The versatile DJM-S9 is at home in any pro-DJ set-up. DVS control means DJs can use CDJs and turntables to control Serato DJ; non-Serato DJ users can access the on-board FX and use the Performance Pads to give tactile performances without the software. The DJM-S9 is the ultimate plug-and-play Serato DJ mixer with two USB sound cards to let two DJs play back-to-back seamlessly. The input switcher is on the top of the mixer so theres no need to fiddle around at the back of the unit between sets. DJs can switch between all four Serato DJ decks while DVS support makes the DJM-S9 ideal for Serato DJs who prefer to play using CDJs or turntables. Plus DJs can record direct to the software during performance. Ortofon Concorde Pro S DJ Cartridge Twin Pack The Twin Pack is designed to provide you with everything you need to get playing on the ones and twos. Each Twin Pack comes complete with two Concorde cartridges in one metal flight case for easy portability. Both Concorde cartridges are supplied as complete units with the detachable stylus tip fitted onto the body. Pioneer PLX-1000 Specifications Turntable Drive Method: Quartz Lock Servo Type Direct Drive Motor: 3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Braking System: Electronic Brake Rotation Speed: 33 1/3 rpm 45 rpm Rotation Speed Adjustment Range: +/- 8 +/-16 +/-50 Wow and Flutter: 0.1 or less WRMS (JIS WTD) S/N Ratio: 70dB (DIN-B) Turntable: Aluminium Die-casting Diameter – 332mm Starting Torque: 4.5Kg .cm or more Start Time: 0.3 Seconds (at 33 1/3 rpm) Tone Arm Arm Type: Universal Type S-Shape Gimbal-Supported Type Bearing Structure Static Balance Type Effective Length: 230mm Overhang: 15mm Tracking Error: Within 3 Degrees Arm Height Adjustment Range: 6mm Stylus Pressure Variable Range: 0g – 4.0g (1 scale 0.1g) Proper Cartridge Weight: 3.5g to 13g (Single Cartridge) When Shell Weight Is Used: 3.5g to 6.5g When Only Balance Weight Is Used: 6.0g to 10g When Sub Weight Is Used: 9.5g to 13g Main Unit Main Unit Weight: 13.1 Kg Maximum Dimensions: 453 x 353 x 159mm (W x D x H) Output: 1 x RCA Included Accessories Slip Mat Slip Sheet Dust Cover Balance Weight Head Shell Sub Weight Shell Weight Adapter for EP Record Power Chord Audio Cable Ground Wire Operating Instructions Pioneer PA-DJ-and-Lighting 1CCT

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